Ways to Use Table Runners

Table runners are a terrific way to “dress up” a kitchen or dining room table. They come in a variety of sizes designed for different length tables, and also have many patterns from which to choose. Table runners are perfect for adding extra color and texture to table settings and other types of furniture. Table runners can be used in many different ways and on different types of furniture.

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Table Types

Table runners are traditionally used on dining tables. However, you can get creative with table runners and use them on all kinds of tables including:

• Patio tables

• Coffee tables

• End tables

• Nightstands

• Sofa tables

• Hall tables

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They can work on any shape of table, including:

• Round tables

• Oval tables

• Rectangular tables

• Square tables

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Placed Lengthwise

The most common way to use a table runner is to place the runner in the middle of the table, running lengthwise. This provides a perfect guide or path to keep multiple centerpieces or serving dishes in line. The runner can also be used to protect the table’s surface from candle wax drippings, moisture, heat, food drippings and other debris caused by centerpieces, serveware or décor.

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Placed Across the Table

You can also use slightly narrower and shorter table runners placed across the table in front of each chair. These runners can serve as placemats and can be used in addition to a lengthwise runner or without one. Runners placed across extra long tables can be used to separate each place setting.

Table runners used to separate each setting
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Runners Used on Other Furniture

Shorter table runners can be draped over a nightstand or end table for a splash of color and texture. You can also use table runners to accent other types of furniture such as a buffet, hutch, credenza, dresser or vanity table.

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Use a table runner to protect furniture made with glass. Use one on a glass display case, console or coffee table when you want to display knick-knacks that might scratch the surface.

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