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For 32-year-old handbag designer Li Wei, who started her business in 2010, this is the appropriate season to showcase her brand – 37C Handmade.

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“I love buying bags before I started my own business. But I realized that branded bags and those without brands have similarities in either colors or designs. So I decided to do something different, which cannot be copied,” she says.

 ladies fashion

From small dumpling-shaped purse to mid-sized rectangular handbag and magazine-sized triangle bag, Li’s designs complimented the futuristic and avant-garde clothes donned by the models.

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She borrows the elements of traditional Chinese clothes to develop her own style. Li uses all kinds of texture such as embroidery, brocade, linen and silk, decorate with colorful beads, brass buttons and leather chains. Her various designs are suitable for different occasions.

 ladies fashion

Like many girls, who are fascinated about traditional Chinese fashion elements, such as qipao and other accessories, Li loves the unique Chinese heritage and ancient fashion.

“I have bought clothes from international brands, but my favorite pieces are those with Chinese flavor,” she says.

 ladies fashion

Choosing fabrics for each bag determines the shape and style, according to Li. Thanks to her hometown, which is known for silk and other fabrics, Li has a huge choice of resources.

“Choosing fabrics is the starting point of my design and it’s an enjoyable experience for me,” she says.

Her store in Nanjing carries bags for young and middle-aged women. Each design has limited pieces to ensure uniqueness. Li hopes to bring high quality, affordable women’s fashion to shoppers.

by Xiao Xiao xiaoxiao@interactchina.com

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