Chinese Inspirations in Modern Home Décor

Written by Juliette Qi


Nowadays, China and its ancestral traditions still inspire decorators looking for new ideas. At the same time, Chinese style deco accessories have become a kind of travel guides to the other side of the world.



For Europe, China represents above all exoticism and passion from elsewhere. In the eighteenth century, it was also the symbol of a fantasy Orient where everything was luxurious, calm and pleasant. Today China still fascinates as it once did due to the richness of its culture and its traditions. It is also where we can find some decorative objects to bring a little serenity to our home.




To decorate the walls, Chinese calligraphy adds some fun to the decor. Choose the characters that correspond to the message you want to convey in your home: calm, purity, serenity and harmony in life, or, on the contrary, strength and vitality for your career. And for the rest of the house, you will also find calligraphies or paintings that will perfectly echo the original styles of your rooms.




Privilege all the objects that suggest meditation and soothe the mind: bamboo objects, plants, aerial lanterns, screens to isolate oneself in a quiet place … and the essential accessory: a Buddha statue. You can place it on tables or cupboards, it will bring its wisdom to your daily life.




For a Chinese-style Asian decoration, choose curtains matching the background color of the furniture. This will be diffused on the white walls when creating a luminous and warm atmosphere.




The Chinese- or Asian- style decoration has had a strong presence for our home deco for a decade. This is indeed the popular style with the large consumer community in all major furniture decoration stores.



A simple and clear style, a mix of various materials and scents, Asian style is a call for rest and exotic travel that we can do at home thanks to all our decorations and decor accessories.





About Interact China

“A Social Enterprise in E-commerce Promoting Oriental Aesthetic Worldwide” 

Aileen & Norman co-founded Interact China in 2004 with specialization in fine Oriental Aesthetic products handmade by ethnic minorities & Han Chinese. Having direct partnerships with artisans, designers, craft masters and tailors, along with 10 years solid experience in e-commerce via, we position well to bridge talented artisans in the East with the rest of the world, and bring you direct finely selected products that are of good quality and aesthetic taste.

So far we carry 3000+ goods covering Ladies Fashion, Kungfu Clothing, Home Furnishings, Babies & Kids, Painting Arts, Textile Arts, Carving Arts, Tribal Jewelry Art, Wall Masks and Musical Instruments. Our team speak English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, and serve customers worldwide with passion and hearts.

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