Health Qigong – The Eight Silken Movements (V): Protect Your Waist,Increase Your Strength

Written by Gioia Zhang

Translated by Yuqing Yang


The Sixth Section: Reach down and touch your Feet to stabilize your Waist

Picture 1

This action will help to prevent and treat some chronic diseases of the genitourinary system by swiftly flexing and stretching and stimulating the spine, Du Meridian1 and related acupuncture points. At the same time, you give your kidneys, adrenal gland, ureter and some other organs a good traction massage, and can improve their functions and stimulate their production rates.

Video 1

This section can be divided into the following detailed steps:

  1. Stand with both knees upright, point your fingertips forwards and raise your arms upwards. Straighten your elbows, have your palms facing forwards and look straight in front of you

  2. Bend your arms,lower your palms down to the front of your chest, your palms should be facing downwards and your fingertips should be facing each other;

  3. Turn your palms to face upwards, then move your hands outwards and pass them below your armpits.

4.Press your palms on the sides of the spine and move down to the buttocks. While bending down with your upper body, move your hands downwards along the rear sides of your legs and then slowly around to the front so that they end on your feet. Raise your head and look slightly ahead of your feet. Pause in this position for a few seconds. Try not to bend your legs at any point.

  1. Move your palms forwards along the ground, and then use the arms to drive the upper body up, straighten up your elbows with your palms facing forwards.
  • One repetition includes one complete movement upwards and downwards. Repeat the complete movement 6 times.

After six repetitions, bend your legs slightly and then lean forwards with your palms in line with your abdomen, face your palms downwards with your fingertips facing forwards, look straight ahead.

Tips:Apply proper force when you move your palms down along the back of the body. Loosen your shoulders when leaning forwards. Keep your knees straight. Let your arms drive the upper body up.

Please be aware of the following mistakes:

Picture 2

  • When you move your hands down, do not bend your knees and do not bow your head;

Picture 3

  • Do not raise your upper body before your arm


The Eighth Section: Clench your Fists and Open your Eyes wide in order to boost your Qi

In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with the eyes. In this section, the movement of the eyes stimulates the liver. At the same time, the cooperation between the movements in this section stimulates the body’s major meridians. If done on a long-term basis, this exercise can strengthen the muscles and bones throughout the entire body.

Video 2

This section can be divided into the following detailed steps:

  1. Step to the left with your left foot, half squad your legs,and meanwhile,clench both hands into fists and place them in line with your waist you’re your thumbs inside and the eyes of the fist facing upwards,look straight in front of you.

  2. Punch your left fist forward at shoulder height,with the eye of the fist facing upwards,and then look at your left fist.

  3. Open your left fist,rotate your palm so that it is facing outwards and your thumb facing downwards,and then look at your left palm.

  4. Rotate your left arm outwards, bend your elbow slightly, and at the same time, rotate your left palm towards the left. When your palm is facing upwards make your left hand into a fist with your thumb inside. Look at your left fist.

  5. Retract your left fist to your waist side with the eye of the fist facing upwards, and look straight in front of you.

• The movement to the right should be the same as the movement to the left. Doing the movement once to the right and once to the left counts as one repetition. You should complete three repetitions in total.

Video 3

Once you have completed three full repetitions, shift your center of gravity to the right, pull your left in so that you return to the original stance, your feet should once again be shoulder width apart. Meanwhile,unclench your fist,lower your palms to the side of your body, look straight in front of you.

Picture 4

Tips: when you extend your fist to punch, fix your eyes on it. At the same time, you should hold onto the ground with both feet. Adjust the height of your squad depending on the strength of your legs;when you retract your fist, clench your fist tightly.

Please be aware of the following mistakes:

Picture 5

*do not bend your upper body forwards when you punch

*do not shrug your shoulders when you punch

  • when you retract your fist,please rotate your wrist and clench your fist tightly

Well, we are almost done with our introduction to The Eight Silken Movements. Have you been exercising in your spare time? How are you feeling? We would be delighted to hear from you in the comments!


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