6 popular icons on traditional Chinese architecture

Traditional Chinese architecture has a long history and glorious achievements. The buildings not only have practical functions, but also bear important artistic values. How do they combine the two? Let’s see from some details.

 Chinese Culture

Imperial red gates are frequently seen in palace and temple. The color is not pure red but between red and orange. It represents nobility and authority. The imperial red gate makes people feel solemn.

 Chinese Culture

Stone, wood or brick sculptures are also an important part of Hui-style architecture. Sculptures of people, mountains and flowers on bricks are an important art form, mainly seen on temples, graves and houses. No matter where they are, either on a door, window or roof, they are intact paintings.

 Chinese Culture

Flying eaves were often used on the roofs of ancient Chinese architecture. The cocking up eave looks like a bird unfolding its wings. The eaves are often sculpted with auspicious animals including a dragon, crane or fish.

 Chinese Culture

Hollowed-out patterns deliver different messages. For example, a pattern with a magpie means good luck, a bat hanging upside down means good fortune comes. The hollowed–out design not only beautifies the building, but also has the function of lighting, ventilation, dust proofing and space division.

 Chinese Culture

A slope roof is another icon of traditional Chinese architecture. The design not only makes the building look solemn and flowing, but also has many practical functions. The slope roof design can save energy because it helps make the house not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Also, rainwater drains right off.

 Chinese Culture

White walls with black tiles are often used in South China’s residences. The pristine and elegant design makes the residence look like an ink painting.

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