Ornament for Chinese Clothing

The Chinese dress sense is one of the most intriguing elements of their culture. The Chinese have paid great attention to their attire throughout their history. With the passage of time however Chinese clothing has undergone many changes and the modern Chinese clothing that has evolved seems to have a much larger appeal to the masses.

Archeological discoveries from many years ago reveal the Chinese passion for decorating their clothing. They would make use of shells, beads and other ornaments to decorate their clothing. The remains from the early days also show the interesting use of color that the Chinese would make with regards to their clothing.

Chinese clothing had a system of matching and contrasting colors when it came to giving character to their dresses. Traditionally we find the Chinese to favor the use of darker colors as the base with light and contrasting colored accessories.

Contemporary Chinese clothing draws upon ancient elements of Chinese clothing traditions and seeks to reintroduce them in a revolutionary new way. Since symbolism has been a main feature of the Chinese culture you will find many modern Chinese fashion designers to make use of classic Chinese symbols in combination with modern trends.


Chinese fashion designers have taken to the task of developing clothes for children and young people using classic Chinese symbols. You will be able to find a wide variety of modern Chinese clothing with symbols like good fortune, images of deities, opera characters, masks and dragons. The use of appliqué bronzes and designs from ancient times have come into popular use amongst the Chinese fashion designers of today. The incorporation of ancient motifs, embroidery patterns and weaving styles with modern fabrics has produced an interesting array of contemporary Chinese clothing.


Amongst the most popularly found designs is the classic dragon and clouds image. This would often be used on robes worn by emperors of the time. Today the world wide public has the privilege to wear this symbol of royalty on modernized clothing.


The classic Chinese symbols used in modern Chinese clothing have two distinct qualities. They are highly elegant and creative in terms of their aesthetics. On the other side they carry a deep innate meaning that adds even more value to them.

The use of the traditional macramé is also prevalent in modern Chinese clothing. This unique element is used for ornamental purposes. You will find modern Chinese clothing to be featuring the macramé on bodices, seams, pockets, borders and shoulders.


Another modern introduction of a traditional Chinese trend can be witnessed in the bridal tiara. Taking its inspiration from the Sung Dynasty the modern bridal tiara is the ultimate example of modern Chinese clothing. It features the traditional sash and pendants in the classic colors of blue, green and red. The original version of this dress is still worn in some regions of the Hunan province in China.

by Xiao Xiao xiaoxiao@interactchina.com

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