Tradition Surpass Generations

The unrivalled craftsmanship of Miao Hmong silver jewelry has progressed constantly in history. Although the individual step in making silver jewelry may seem easy to manage, like burning, blending, hammering, engraving, cutting, and twining, but in fact each masterpiece shows silversmith’s great persistence, patience and painstaking efforts. However, for these silversmiths, nothing can make them happier than creating a set of delicate silver jewelries.


A Father’s Love


Miao silver jewelry Tongju Wu, one of the best silversmiths in Taijiang county of Guizhou province, who is known throughout the county for his delicate craftwork, began to follow his father in making silver jewelry when he was 15 years old. Living a simple life and doing farming, Tongju Wu devotes all his life to making silver jewelry. He has created many new patterns into the traditional designs.

Currently, the major task for Tongju Wu is to make four sets of splendid garments for his four daughters. He recently completed the first for his oldest daughter, Guomei Wu, whose splendid silver decorated dress cost more than 30 thousand Chinese Yuan, which is the whole family’s savings for over two years. It took Dongju Wu three months to make the jewelries and ornaments for the dress which weighs more than 20 kg.

Guomei Wu believes she is an ideal model for her father’s work and hopes that this beautiful and gorgeous clothing can help her catch attention and praise. As for Tongju Wu, the happiest moment in his life was to see his daughter wear the clothing in which he wove his love and hope. He strongly believes that with time and the accumulation of his family’s savings, his other daughters’ outfits will be even more delicate and charming.


Family Tradition


Miao silver jewelry Another outstanding silversmith, Tonglun Wu, shares something in common with Tongju Wu. Tonglun was an orphan when he was five. However, he never gave up his hope of promoting his family’s 200-year tradition of making silver jewelry. Despite many obstacles and difficulties, Tonglun has been keeping and furthering his family tradition. With several decades’ experience in making silver jewelry, Tonglun has made over fifty types of silver jewelries in the forms of dragons, phoenix, fish, birds and other figures. Many of his works have won awards in Guizhou for their unique and exquisite design and excellent technique. As a seasoned silversmith, Tonglun Wu took many of his work to an exhibition in Beijing, on which he showed the traditional but charming skills of making silver jewelry.

Another thing that satisfies Tonglun Wu is his 16-year-old son, Guoyin Wu also inherited his skills. Young as Guolun Wu is, he is very eager to learn. Still only a high school student, he is confident one day he will surpass his father in technique. And as a father, Tonglun Wu is more than happy to see his son fall in love with this long-cherished family tradition.

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