How to Select and Maintain Batik

Miao Batik Batik cloth can be made into garments, scarves, bags, table-cloths, bedspreads, curtains, and other decorative items. However, you should know something about how to select and maintain them.




Natural materials such as cotton or silk are used for the cloth, so that it can absorb the wax that is applied in the dye resisting process. The fabrics must be of a high thread count (densely woven). It is important that cloth of high quality have this high thread count so that the intricate design qualities of batik can be maintained.

Miao Batik Miao Batik

Genuine batik can’t be substituted by machine. Because the wax cover often cracks slightly during the dye process, some dye will seep through the cracks, forming a unique pattern within the un-dyed area. It is known in China as the “Ice Pattern,” as it typically looks like the cracks found in ice cubes. These patterns are like fingerprints; no two genuine batik crafts will share the same pattern. If they do, you can be sure that the items are not genuine batik but are printed in factories.




As for their maintenance, because the raw material for batik is pure cotton cloth, care must be taken in maintenance to prevent moisture and erosion of the batik cloth in case of mildew.

Miao Batik Were it bought for use of collection (not for decoration), regular exposure to sun is required. However, be sure to line dry batik in a shady area and not in direct sunlight. Batik may be washed with water at any time. Traditionally dyed batiks could be washed in soap for sensitive fabrics, but do remember not to use detergent during the washing process or the color may fade. It is also advisable to wash them by hand to stop damage to the edges of the piece, which is often where their outstanding effects are found. Ironing is fine after washing. After buying the batik products, you may then begin to arrange mounting.

At the same time, since batik is made from 100% pure cotton, it is the best choice for making clothes, quilt covers and bed-sheets. If used properly, batik can make your house or office unique and inviting. Batik should be kept in clean, tidy, neat, dustless and regularly swept environment in the process of collection and maintenance.

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